Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Love being a Returning Learner!

I have always liked school, so doing school work is not an issue for me, but I sure was concerned about being "out of the loop" when I came here to SCC!  So, being on the Returning Learner Panel yesterday felt pretty cool.  I was there for moral support for some ladies and gentleman who may coming to school here.  I didn't get to make it to a workshop like that when I first enrolled here, but I highly recommend it.  It was very motivating with honest opinions from 6 Returning Learners that have or are currently attending SCC.  None of us come from the same background, but we all shared one thing in common--we appreciate what SCC has offered us and now we want to give back by sharing our experiences with others.  I truly believe EVERYONE has a place here at SCC, doesn't matter about age or any other factor we have it all here! To top it all off, I have truly learned the value of my education and that is equally important---it is PRICELESS.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Where has the time gone?

When I came here to SCC in 2008 I always knew that eventually I would graduate, so why am I getting nervous about graduating? I feel like a high school senior anticipating graduation. It just seems as though the time here has gone by so fast!

I feel like I have accomplished a lot since first enrolling here. I started out as a half time student going to night classes and not very involved to a student who seemed like I never went home. Now, I'm due to graduate and I'm a little nervous. I got to know faculty and staff here, students and even made some really good friends along the way.

People ask me "do you feel like you get the college experience here?" There is no other answer I can give other then yes! I got education, knowledge, fun events to be involved in on/off campus, clubs, honor societies, student senate, meeting our new college president Dr. Chesbrough (who can pass up an opportunity like that?), be part of a group of students that met with the accreditation board, blogging for SCC, etc. I can honestly say, "the college experience" is what you choose to make of it, and I think mine was GRAND.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Well, it seems that Spring Break has come and gone in a blink of an eye. Did you do anything exciting? How about that AMAZING weather? I don't know about anyone else, but I was in complete denial about turning on my air conditioning. However, 85 degrees is a little uncomfortable to sleep in. There are so many things blooming and growing outside that my allergies are awful, even though usually they are very mild.

The most eventful thing I did this weekend was definitley the Cottleville St. Patty's Day Parade. That was a blast! Both of my boys got over 60 strings of beadsc of candy and sun. The sun felt great, until we got sheets of rain dumped on us. I have not been to a ton of parades in my life, but I would have to say this was the longest one I have been to. It was almost too long. It was great to have so much participation in the parade, but it made for a long day. All in all it was great and I look forward to taking my boys to this event for years to come.

I hope everyone was able to enjoy a little bit of sunshine while on break!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Holidays

It's almost officially over, the Fall Semester of 2011! It's the last day of finals week and this campus is really quiet right now. I can come on the lot and pick a parking spot almost anywhere I want, this is a far cry from the long walks I take during the semester. What got you through finals? I must say this was the first semester that I had teachers who cared that I may have more then one final exam per day. Giving us a choice on when we would like to come in during the week to take the final for their class was awesome.
The other thing that is almost over is the 2011 year! Where has the time gone? I know I have had a busy year for me, how about you? This was the first (and potentially the only year) that I have taken summer classes, but my classes included an off campus practicum as well. I did my practicum (internship may be a more familiar word) at Emmaus Homes and I absolutely loved the time I spent there. It did seem to speed up how quick the time went by for me. Normally, I would have been out of school for the summer and hanging out with my boys. I definitely feel like it has been a productive year though.
Since the end of December is coming this also means Christmas is right around the corner. Did anyone else have a hard time figuring out what to get someone for Christmas, besides me? Once I get the gifts squared away then it will be time to figure out what we are doing for the New Year celebration. I know we will be at home, that is for sure. I don't see any reason to be out in the midst of the craziness that tends to go on for New Years. We may just rent some movies, play some games and enjoy some munchies while waiting to ring in 2012. A family tradition has been to go outside and bang pots with spoons for New Years, which I am sure will happen.
Whatever holiday you choose to celebrate I hope it is wonderful and that you get to share time with friends and loved ones that you may not otherwise be able to see through out the year. If you are traveling then be safe and see you all in 2012!
If you have any fun plans or any ideas for the New Year feel free to share them.

Monday, December 5, 2011

My money is missing...

I have always been fond of online banking, but over last weekend I was even more grateful. I was checking out my account only to find that a check cleared my account instead of the person's account who wrote it. The check was also to a business I have never dealt with. You can imagine my surprise when my account was short over $100!

If you bank somewhere and they offer online banking it would be worth your time to utilize the service. The largest majority of banking institutions offer free online banking. Once you start using the online banking service it becomes a little more user friendly each time. The next biggest task is to utilize the service. That can be the hardest part for some.

My institution fixed the problem, but I will always be a little concerned in the back of my mind.
If you have had an incident like this happen to you, feel free to share your story. I would love to hear about it.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Where has the time gone?

I can't believe we have two weeks (or less) until this semester is officially done! I am amazed at how quick this semester has come and gone. I feel it is somewhat bitter sweet because next semester is it and then I will be getting ready for graduation. Do you remember when you first came here? I sure do...

When I first came here there was no such thing as an SCC Ambassador to show me around campus. I was doing good to find the building I needed to be in and make it to my class on time. Oh yeah, I didn't know the difference in parking lots or to get here early to find a spot during the first two or three weeks of class. I am a little partial because I am a SCC Ambassador, but new students that I have shown around have shared with me that they appreciate the tours we offer of the campus. There is always room for a student with a smiling face and energetic personality to join the team of ambassadors here.

Let me tell you what else I didn't know...we have some GREAT services and activities on campus and the best thing is a good majority are FREE! (Did you notice the two big bold words?) Free tutoring through the ACE Center, computer usage with up to date software, gym/weight room and we have some great activities that go on here on campus---again most of which are free! I had no idea around semester end in the past we have been graced with the privilege of water massages. On December 7th, 2011 (next week); just in time to break up the intense studying, we are going to have an ice skating rink and a snow globe here on campus. Free of charge. I have never ice skated in my life, not really sure I'm ready to start now, but I will be there to watch! Let's all keep a couple of fingers crossed for good weather, but not too many.

So, I said all of that to say this, it really is worth getting involved here on campus. Any other college that I go to is going to have some really big shoes to fill compared to what I have gotten here at St. Charles Community College. Quality education, great faculty/staff, clubs/organizations, and amenities that have not driven up the cost of my tuition! Is there any doubt that I would recommend this college to anyone?

Feel free to share what you like about SCC, I'd love to hear!