Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Holidays

It's almost officially over, the Fall Semester of 2011! It's the last day of finals week and this campus is really quiet right now. I can come on the lot and pick a parking spot almost anywhere I want, this is a far cry from the long walks I take during the semester. What got you through finals? I must say this was the first semester that I had teachers who cared that I may have more then one final exam per day. Giving us a choice on when we would like to come in during the week to take the final for their class was awesome.
The other thing that is almost over is the 2011 year! Where has the time gone? I know I have had a busy year for me, how about you? This was the first (and potentially the only year) that I have taken summer classes, but my classes included an off campus practicum as well. I did my practicum (internship may be a more familiar word) at Emmaus Homes and I absolutely loved the time I spent there. It did seem to speed up how quick the time went by for me. Normally, I would have been out of school for the summer and hanging out with my boys. I definitely feel like it has been a productive year though.
Since the end of December is coming this also means Christmas is right around the corner. Did anyone else have a hard time figuring out what to get someone for Christmas, besides me? Once I get the gifts squared away then it will be time to figure out what we are doing for the New Year celebration. I know we will be at home, that is for sure. I don't see any reason to be out in the midst of the craziness that tends to go on for New Years. We may just rent some movies, play some games and enjoy some munchies while waiting to ring in 2012. A family tradition has been to go outside and bang pots with spoons for New Years, which I am sure will happen.
Whatever holiday you choose to celebrate I hope it is wonderful and that you get to share time with friends and loved ones that you may not otherwise be able to see through out the year. If you are traveling then be safe and see you all in 2012!
If you have any fun plans or any ideas for the New Year feel free to share them.

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